Formed in 1996 as a member-centred, non-profit means of providing professional, cost-effective in-service training to Ontario’s law enforcement community, the Ontario Police Video Training Alliance’s audience has grown to over 24,000 police officers, representing over 95 agencies in Ontario and beyond.  All OPVTA programs are produced by members of the Niagara Regional Police Service Video Unit, whose body of work over nearly 30 years has resulted in international recognition and over 150 awards for production excellence. 


OPVTA membership fees are based on a sliding scale, adjusted according to authorized sworn (police) strength.  Current fees range from $550 (<50 members) to $26,000 (>1,500 members) annually.  Member agencies currently receive six programs per year, plus relevant training packages and other support materials.  Membership includes free access to video programs from the back catalogues of both the OPVTA and the Niagara Regional Police Service.  New members receive a complete archive of past OPVTA releases (currently 131) upon receipt of a signed membership agreement. OPVTA membership gives member agencies a voice with regard to what training issues are addressed and the priority with which videos are produced.  The OPVTA also takes pride in having its member services and jurisdictions featured in the videos themselves.


In response to interest from agencies outside Ontario, an “associate” membership category was introduced in 2009.  Under this new national pricing structure, annual membership fees have been pro-rated at 75% of a regular (Ontario) OPVTA membership.  This has provided national law enforcement organizations with access to OPVTA programs and services at a rate consistent with the proportion of programs that have been assessed as “national” in scope. 


A partnership with the Advanced Patrol Training (APT) Unit of the Ontario Police College (OPC) helps ensure that all OPVTA materials are consistent with both OPC standards and provincial/federal legislation.  As an OPVTA member, and with the express permission from the Director of the OPC, all APT training materials and resources may be made available through the Ontario Police College website (password protected).  All APT materials are kept current and include support materials and lesson plans designed to incorporate the use of OPVTA programs.  The OPVTA has also been endorsed by the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police and the Ontario Association of Police Educators


The OPVTA is committed to working with its members to derive maximum benefit from emerging technologies.  While OPVTA videos are distributed in DVD format, members can also receive programs in a compressed video file format (e.g. wmv or QuickTime mp4) at no charge.  This helps facilitate online delivery via local file servers or intranet. 


In late 2009, the OPVTA struck a strategic partnership with the Canadian Police Knowledge Network (CPKN) which resulted in the launch of OPVTA WEB.  This new web-based portal provides OPVTA members with 24/7, anytime/anywhere access to over 50 recent OPVTA titles, and will include all future releases.  OPVTA WEB features review questions, additional resources AND is fully trackable - training administrators can access viewership reports by member and by program.  


Please contact us for more information on how to become part of this exciting training partnership!